Money needed for restoration of East Lodge

Yes, money, pennies, pounds, cheuques, funds, grants, donations, fundraising, help, time, volunteers, a new portacabin is needed to support our big huge epic large fundamental project to restore the East Lodge, which is near to main gates along Linden Grove. It’s been in an awful state for a long time (the 1970s plus) and really need to be loved very soon as it’s just going to get worse.

So, rather than it getting worse we need people to help fundraise, to volunteer to be part of the restoration project team, to make calls, to send emails, to find out what funding is out there (we know about some and not all and there aren’t many of us) etc etc.

If you would like to help then we’d love you to help – 2 hours to as many hours as you could give a week, a month. If you can be a regular volunteer then we’d love to hear from you.

Comment on this blog, tweet us or email

We’d love to hear from you. If you haven’t experienced volunteering already then know that it can be very rewarding, enjoyable and very fulfilling. You also get to drink tea, eat biscuits, laugh, possibly get muddy or not, and have fun…possibly and very likely you’ll do things you’ve never done before, have new conversations, meet new people…the list goes on.

Be the best. Volunteer. Be cheesy. Volunteer. Eat biscuits. Volunteer…etc etc, you get where I’m going…

The image above is the East Lodge as it is now. In a terrible state.

You can see more detail on the English Heritage website:

To see the East Lodge restoration model please take a look here:


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